luxury baby gifts

  1. Why people loved Personalized Baby Blankets


    A baby blanket symbolizes the warmth and comfort for the baby when they need it the most.

    The name of the baby on the blanket brings that much more value as that blanket belongs to that baby

    Our most popular and all time best selling baby blanket is our Minky Dot Baby Blanket. 

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  2. Best selection of colors

    It is a very important factor, because it may influence your baby's personality and mood as it grows up.

    Green, red and baby blankets After blue, green is the second most liked color by people. When we say "green", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Nature! Green is the color of trees, grass, LIFE.

    It represents rebirth, youth, fertility, balance, stability, harmony and is the symbol of the Earth. Green can contribute to your baby's development by amplifying his power of concentration. If you want to buy your baby a hot color,

    we suggest to go for red, the symbol energy, power, heat, courage, speed and respect. Also, red gives a good breathing rhythm and increases blood pressure. Red is a color that is suitable for persons that make daring and rapid decisions.

    And finally, pink. It is said that pink is a color only for girls (and blue for little boys), but that is not entirely true. Pink is the most chosen color for babies clothes and other accessories and it is known to diminish the sense of fear.

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