1. Soft baby Towels and robes.


    Who doesnt love a cuddly warm and soft towel after a bath! all babies enjoy their bubble bath and preparing for a great nap right after! 

    Baby hooded towels and bath robes are a perfect gift for any baby from babies all the way to adult and the best part in same colors and fabrics!! 


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  2. Accessories for babies are a must !

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  3. Face Mask Matter

    Lets spread love and not germs. everyone needs a reliable comftable and high quality face mask we offer a size and style for the whole family !! Many colors available

    All our facemask have been made to meet all cdc guidelines to insure the most protection for your family. 

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  4. Perfect Rainbow Blanket for Rainbow Babies


    Nothing says HOPE, FAITH , and LOVE like a rainbow babies for many diffrent reasons. Cuddling your new born baby in their very own rainbow pastel blanket 

    keeping them warn and safe while nap time or on the go. All our blankets are made with the best quality of fabrics and satin hand made in the USA. 


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  5. Embroidery on Baby Blanket

    The personalised gift ideas help express the gesture of love, gratitude and appreciation in a unique way that shows the recipient that they are loved and accepted for who they are.

    One of the best baby shower gifts to match any nursery for baby girls or baby boy and unisex options, 

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  6. Why people loved Personalized Baby Blankets


    A baby blanket symbolizes the warmth and comfort for the baby when they need it the most.

    The name of the baby on the blanket brings that much more value as that blanket belongs to that baby

    Our most popular and all time best selling baby blanket is our Minky Dot Baby Blanket. 

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  7. Best selection of colors

    It is a very important factor, because it may influence your baby's personality and mood as it grows up.

    Green, red and baby blankets After blue, green is the second most liked color by people. When we say "green", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Nature! Green is the color of trees, grass, LIFE.

    It represents rebirth, youth, fertility, balance, stability, harmony and is the symbol of the Earth. Green can contribute to your baby's development by amplifying his power of concentration. If you want to buy your baby a hot color,

    we suggest to go for red, the symbol energy, power, heat, courage, speed and respect. Also, red gives a good breathing rhythm and increases blood pressure. Red is a color that is suitable for persons that make daring and rapid decisions.

    And finally, pink. It is said that pink is a color only for girls (and blue for little boys), but that is not entirely true. Pink is the most chosen color for babies clothes and other accessories and it is known to diminish the sense of fear.

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  8. Proudly Made in the USA

    All our products are proudly made in USA, we believe our customers deserve the very best quality and delivery. We are located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are very please to have many color and size options for all our customers.

    When you purchase domestically, you are helping to sustain and strengthen our economy for generations to come.

    Made in America are made with better quality, for good reason. Products manufactured here are usually built with higher quality, which increases the life of products. ... Made in USA is built to last.

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  9. Time For Bedtime ..

    Our top 3 favorite tips to get baby to bed and set up best bed time.

    A dark, quiet and comfortably cool environment can help encourage your baby to sleep

    A warm bath before bedtime to help relax and calm babies down.

    A warm cuddly blanket does the trick !

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  10. Strolling in Style

    Beautiful vibrant colors and prints, match any outfit and Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter colors available.

    Any time is a perfect time to restock on new beautiful baby blankets that last a life time, perfect gift for any occasion.

    Very luxurious fabrics and colors with a finished touch of Satin on border with option of a traditional flat satin or a fun Ruffle border.

    Taking a walk through Rodeo Drive looking very stylish.

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