About Us

Luca CharlesTM was born on the 23rd of September in 2002. Shortly after his birth, Luca Charles was diagnosed with a skin condition commonly known as Eczema, as well as with Asthma. Due to his condition, My Blankee developed a collection of hypoallergenic fabrics, like the Minky Dot Velour, Minky Solid Velour and the Luxe collection to accommodate Luca and others who share the same condition. The moment of realization hit when Luca Charles uttered his first words: “my blankee" and then the My Blankee Poem was created.

My Blankee PoemTM

“I love my little blankee,
I take it wherever I go
It keeps me warm and cozy
at home or on the go.”TM 

Yet beneath this all, there is a fundamental set of beliefs. A baby blanket is a transitional object - absolutely vital to the development of the mind. A baby will undoubtedly feel extreme anxiety caused by increasing separation from mommy. This is where a baby blanket comes in – like a binky, a lovey, a security or a stroller blanket. Any of these blankets can be a security blanket to the baby and is called such because it is essential to the feeling of the object of security for the baby.

As a great aid to this security, the mother should sleep with the blanket first in order for it to absorb her scent. As the periods of separation grow, the baby realizes that he/she is a separate entity and is dependent on others, but a baby blanket is always there. The baby blanket smells like mommy, like home, and it is the first possession of the child - the only thing that is truly his/her own. In this way, it is a coping mechanism; the child will, for comfort, invent a bond with mommy by way of his/her blankee. This develops the mind to eventually allow use of objects, symbols, and illusion. (These ideas in part given to us by: Winnicott, D. W. via “Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena.” The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 1953.)

Remember the instructions for your My BlankeeTM
1. Wash me first
2. Sleep with me so I have your warm special scent
3. Give me to baby to feel warm and safe
4. Don’t leave infant unattendedTM

For over 10 years, My Blankee IncTM has luxuriously embraced baby and children`s fashion while simultaneously upholding comfort, security, and quality in its lines. Infused with adventurous colors and prints, My Blankee IncTM has playfully dared to push limits in the gift and children's industries. Mixing and matching classic fabrics like the Minky Dot Velour and Luxe with urbane florals and luscious fabrics proved to be a hit among the top hollywood celebrities and families around the world. 

My Blankee Inc.’s first product was a version of the widely known security blanket. It featured a unique back pocket design that made it stand out from other baby blankets at the time. My Blankee Inc. security blanket made its first appearance at the Cedars Sinai Lactation Center in Los Angeles, before finding its way to neighboring hospitals and retail establishments.

Within a short period of time, My Blankee Inc. has become known for a variety of plush blankets that offer unique textures and a luxurious, soft touch. But blankets are not the only things offered, My Blankee Inc. has also developed a clothing line of Minky Velour and accessories and home bedding.

Created on the basis of one man's dream to create baby blankets that care for a child as gently as if wrapped in the parents’ arms, My Blankee Inc.’s hypoallergenic products put all parents minds at ease. Rest assured, My Blankee Inc. will always deliver the safest and most fashionable baby and children`s products around the world.

My Blankee Inc.’s Corporate Office is located in Los Angeles. Please call to set up an appointment at 213. 955. 4516 or email us at [email protected] My Blankee Inc. serves distribution to both wholesale and retail stores and all of our products are one hundred percent made in the United States.