Cream Minky Dot Luxe Cream Back With Cream Flat Satin Border Baby Blanket

Minky Dot Luxe Blanket

Minky Dot Silver With Silver Luxe Bella Back With Silver Flat Satin Border Baby Blanket.

Minky Dot Luxe Bella Blanket

Minky Dot Luxe Rose Baby Blanket

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Give your baby luxurious comfort at home and on the go! Both sides of this super-soft blanket feature Minky Dot Luxe Rose with a satin Border It is perfect for covering up in the stroller or car seat, and works great for tummy time too! Tiny hands will love to touch the Minky Dot Luxe Rose and the cool, smooth satin.

My Blankee creates exemplary baby gifts to whichever end you choose: receiving blanket, snuggle blanket, crib bedding, etc.
Our classic velour prints and silky charmeuse satins are sure to please you and your baby

Available in 20 colors and 10 sizes.

Fiber content:
100% polyester microfiber front and back
100% Polyester charmeuse satin border

Care Instructions:
Like all other new garments and bedding items, we recommend that our customers wash the products before they use them for the first time.
Machine wash cold in a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach
Tumble-dry low heat. Air drying is also an option if you wish to be extra precatious. NO dryer softener sheets
0% Shrinkage, pre-shrunk, 0% bleeding
Made in the USA

My Blankee has Minky Dot Baby Blanket receiving blankets for sale at our website! Click here to choose the perfect color and size blanket for your child.

Available in 20 colors and 10 sizes
Made in the USA

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